Royalty Magazine Volume 25/02


Royalty Magazine Vol.25/02
INGRID ALEXANDRA: NORWAY’S FUTURE QUEEN Thirteen Year-old Ingrid Alexandra’s preparation for her future role is all the more important as she is set to be Norway’s only second female monarch.

FOCUS: THE NEWS IN WORDS & PICTURES King Felipe and family holiday in the Balearic Islands; Crown Princess Mary in Herlev; Prince Philip’s final engagement brings out the Royal Navy.

PASSCHENDAELE: THE GREAT WAR’S TRAGEDY The Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travelled to Belgium to commemorate the WWI battle of unprecedented horror.

FOCUS: THE NEWS IN WORDS & PICTURES National Day celebrations in Belgium; royalty and glamour at the Copa del Rey; Denmark’s twins Vincent and Josephine start school.

HÉLÈNE OF ORLÉANS: THE WANDERING PRINCESS An outstanding new biography tells the story of the French princess who was the great love of the heir to the British throne, Prince Eddy.

FOCUS: THE NEWS IN WORDS & PICTURES Princess Mary unleashed in support of the environment; Sweden’s royals celebrate their Finnish neighbours; King Felipe stands against terror.

PRINCESS DIANA’S LEGACY OF LOVE AND LOSS The 20th anniversary of Diana’s death saw her sons take centre stage in the ongoing struggle over the memory and legacy of the people’s princess.

THE AGE OF ROYALTY Uncovering royal history at its most personal, stories from Europe’s golden age of royalty are the subject of two unsurpassed biographies.

FOCUS: THE NEWS IN WORDS & PICTURES Princess Athena joins the Danish royal school run; the wedding of Princess Tunku Tun Aminah to a former Dutch footballer won hearts across Malaysia.

PRINCE MOHAMMED: SAUDI ARABIA’S GREAT GAMBLE The rise to power of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has handed the reins of power to a young man of unknown qualities and beliefs.

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