Royalty Magazine Volume 24/08


Royalty Magazine Volume 24-08


FOCUS: THE NEWS IN WORDS & PICTURES: Queen Rania’s award; the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at the Diplomatic Corps reception; a thoughtful moment with Prince Charles; the Queen misses the Christmas service; William and Kate in Bucklebury; Crown Princess Victoria in Italy; the Duchess of Cambridge and the cubs; King Felipe at the International Journalism Awards; Prince Charles remembers his Cambridge days; The Danish Royal Family at the New Year’s Banquet; the 2016 Nobel Prize ceremony; the friendship between the Princess and the Prime Minister . . .

AN UNBREAKABLE FRIENDSHIP: King Philippe and Queen Mathilde’s three day visit to the Netherlands was all about royal friendship and strengthening national unity.

QUEEN MARGRETHE AND THE NUTCRACKER: Denmark’s talented sovereign designed the sets and costumes for a revival of Tchaikovsky’s much loved ballet at the Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen.

THE QUEEN’S BELOVED COUSIN MARGARET RHODES: The death of Margaret Rhodes (1925-2016) was a huge loss for Queen Elizabeth, to whom she was a cousin, lifelong friend and confidante.

PRINCE HARRY CELEBRATES THE CARIBBEAN: Prince Harry’s marathon tour of the Caribbean on behalf of the Queen celebrated long standing ties and the former colonies’ independence.

A TIME of CHANGE AND CHALLENGE: 2017 will undoubtedly be a pivotal year for the Queen and the Royal Family as the monarchy continues to adapt and evolve.

THE KING’S MISTRESS: THE TALE OF BERTIE & ALICE: Alice Keppel, King Edward VII’s last and most sigificant lover, is reconsidered in an intriguing new biography by author Tom Quinn.

THE HOHENZOLLERN CASE FILE: FLOTSAM & JETSAM: The Hohenzollern Family dispute was driven by long standing dynastic rivalry and remarkable acts of historical forgery.

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