Royalty Magazine Volume 24/09


Royalty Magazine Volume 24-09

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FOCUS: THE NEWS IN WORDS & PICTURES: William and Kate for Heads Together & Child Bereavement; Mary’s anti-bullying campaign; the Prince of Wales teams up with Ladybird Books . . .

WILLIAM & HARRY’S YEAR FOR DIANA: The twentieth anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, will be a year of celebration by her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

PRINCE LOUIS AND PRINCESS TESSY DIVORCE: The end of Princess Louis of Luxembourg’s marriage to former soldier Tessy Antony was a surprise after ten successful years together.

FOCUS: THE NEWS IN WORDS & PICTURES: The Queen and Duchess of Cambridge in East Anglia; Prince Harry with Help for Heroes; Crown Princess Mary at Copenhagen Fashion Week . . .

SNOWDON: THE MAN WHO CHANGED THE MONARCHY: Antony Armstrong-Jones was best known as Princess Margaret’s husband but he was also an outstanding royal photographer.

HARRY & MEGHAN: HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE: A recent trip to London for Meghan Markle brought an opportunity for the paparazzi, but does it mean she has “moved in” with Harry?

FOCUS: THE NEWS IN WORDS & PICTURES: William & Kate visit west London; Princess Mary welcomes Iceland’s Presidential Couple; King Felipe & Queen Letizia’s skiing trip . . .

WILLIAM & KATE, BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME: For the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge moving to London is filled with memories and the opportunity to make the metropolis their own.

THE PRIVATE LIFE OF KING EDWARD IV: Historian John Ashdown-Hill’s re-assessment of the life and loves of the late medieval monarch challenges long held beliefs.

THE HOHENZOLLERN CASE FILE, THE STAR WITNESS: The Hohenzollern Family dispute comes to the Royal Courts of Justice as the attack on Prince Radu of Romania is investigated.

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