Royalty Magazine Vol.2906


Our first edition of 2023 brings the opportunity to consider the year ahead for the monarchy. By any measure these are momentous times for the House of Windsor – with the first Carolean Christmas and New Year vying with the latest chapter in the story of the Sussexes for public attention.

Royalty Magazine Vol. 2906

Royalty Magazine Vol. 2906

King Charles’ first Christmas broadcast to the nation was a poignant moment. Recorded at St George’s Chapel, Charles struck exactly the right tone, with a religious message set in a contemporary context. The monarch’s compassion was to the fore as he brought the focus to the cost of living crisis and community in a “time of great anxiety and hardship.”

Whilst King Charles works to consolidate the new reign, the reverse side of the period since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II has been playing out to a global audience. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s documentary and Harry’s autobiography offered an alternative and explosive account of the state of themonarchy.

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