The Birth of Princess Maria Chiara


Their Royal Highnesses Prince Carlo and Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies have announced the birth of their second daughter, who has been given the names of Maria Chiara Amalia Carola Louise Carmen. Princess Maria Chiara was among the first born in Rome at the turn of the year, a minute after midnight on January 1, 2005. The happy event took place at the Mater Dei clinic, the delivery was headed by Prof. Cavalieri and his team. Mother and child are both doing well.1907 FOCUSMaria Chiara’s father, Prince Carlo, who is the son of Don Ferdinand, Duke of Castro and head of the House of Bourbon two Sicilies, was born in 1963 and married Camilla Crociani, daughter of Italian industrialist Camillo Crociani, on October 31, 1998.

1907 FOCUS

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